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We’re now at the end of 2011 !!

Hey guys, we’re now at the end of 2011!

How’s your life this year? You must be having many great and bad things, right?

I would like to share mine here, so keep read this post :)

Well, let’s flashback. What happened this year?

Around this time last year, I was frustrated with my college. I could bear it anymore, so I told my mom to tell dad that I wanted to move out from that college. I through hard times back then to be how I am now. Smiles, tears, and feeling of happiness.

So, I moved to Malaysia to continue my study. Finally, I got my way back to be a designer because now I’m taking Graphic Design. Actually I’m still in Foundation but next year I’ll be a degree student. Yeay! I’m getting better here than when I am in Jakarta. My CGPA was great, it was satisfied me enough.

After I got here, I met my friend Reza when we were in orientation and now he’s my boyfriend since 10th of March 2011. Since I met him, I've changed. Because He always remind me to pray and get myself closer to God. He’s nice.

I tell you, people will be changed, everyone has their own resolution over time. So, don’t worry if you’re now at the down part of your life, believe me, it will be changed soon. Just like what I’ve been through. Keep positive. Life is still go on.

Umm, There are more stories of how’s my life around this year actually, but I can’t stay longer in front of my laptop. I need to go now. Catch ya later :)


New Facebook Layout !

WOW! Facebook got a new layout. yeaahh this is fun :D

Zhang Jingna, amazing young photographer

Zhang Jingna

She’s a young photographer. She's started her career since age 19. Now she’s 23  I think. She was born in  Beijing. Now She lives in Singapore. Her photoshoots are amazing. I love the way she set up the lighting, pose and even the editing part. So smooth and perfect. You guys should check her website out, just do a single click on her name above.
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